10 Best Hairstyles for Farewell with Saree

If its the end of the semester for school or college you are probably getting ready for the farewell party. You have chosen your clothes but what hairstyle do you chose? Take a look at the farewell  hairstyles below to get inspired

#1: Alia Bhatt in ponytail and saree

Alia Bhatt is know for sporting some of the cutest hairstyles. In this pic she is wearing a simple low ponytail with straight side parted hair. It’s a mature and smart look  and suits the saree perfectly. If you have long straight hair then a simple hairstyle such as this could be all you need to stand out.

#2: Bubble braid for farewell party

I like this braid because it’s kind of innovative and will look good in a saree too. This hairstyle consists of a normal braid that has been plaited over a series of hair bubbles. To form the bubbles you will need to make a ponytail with at least three elastic bands to separate the hair. Stretch and pull the hair to get that bubble effect. Then plait over it to get the desired effect.

#3: Double braid for college farewell function

This double braid creates a curtain effect for the hair on one side.

#4: Farewell party bun hairstyle for saree

If you are looking for something a bit more classy for the farewell do consider a twisted hair bun. I love the side braid in the pic below and the twisted bangs that join the low bun at the back. This bun hairstyle will keep the hair out of the way and draw attention to your face and saree.

#5: Knotted bun hairstyle for saree

This hairstyle is made up a three part knot. The style is simple and easy to do. The flowers add a nice touch and will certainly match a saree well.

#6: Nayanthara in claw clip hairstyle for saree

Nayanthara has a pretty decent collection of hairstyles for sarees. Take a look our post on Nayanthara hairstyles for some more inspiration if you like. The hairstyle below if easy to copy. Just use a claw clip to do your hair up and let those curly locks come forward in front of your shoulders.

#7: Puff hairstyle in Saree for farewell party

Sarees go extremely well with hair puffs so you might want to consider one like in the pic below for your farewell event. A high puff will suit the occasion particularly well. Leave some long side ringlets to frame the face and tie the bun low to create contrast with the high puff.

#8: Side braid for farewell party

This simple fishtail braid should be easy to replicate and won’t take you too much time. It will look very becoming in a saree and creates a sassier and more seductive look.

#9: Top knot and side braid

I love the side braid and top knot combination in this pic. The flowers and side bangs suit the saree perfectly.

#10: Twisted hair bun

This twisted bun hairstyle is perfect for the year end farewell party. There are so many layers intertwined here and the look is cute and sophisticated at the same time. This is also a great hairstyle to do if you have coconut oil in your hair.

There are a variety of hairstyles you can choose from for a farewell party. If you are planning on wearing a saree you might want to tie your hair up into a hair bun so that your face is clear and hair is not getting in the way. Alternatively, you might want let those loose locks of hair to flow freely at the back or in front of your shoulders. Check out some of the related posts below on Hairstyle Monkey for further inspiration! Happy hairstyling!