8 Beautiful Hairstyles for Dresses and Gowns With Sleeves

If you are wearing a dress with sleeves you are probably going out to some sort of function and you are probably wondering what hairstyle to wear. Well don’t fret the options here are pretty straight forward. Either you are wearing a dress that is simple and without too many patterns or you are wearing something that is intricate in design and you want to show it off. In the first case you would probably complement the simplicity of the dress with an open long hairstyles. If on the other hand the eye is drawn to the dress or gown then it makes more sense to keep your hair out of the way by wearing it in a bun. This way you can get a chic and sophisticated look that draws the eye to the dress itself. This should leave you some extra space to wear a necklace or pair of splendid jhumkas.

#1: Braided hair bun for long sleeve maxi dress

Braided buns are a particularly good fit for gowns and dresses with long sleeves. I love the glamorous celebrity look. In the pic below the attention is  drawn to the neck and sleeves of the dress. You could combine this look with some nice jewelry if you have something you want to show off.

#2: Curly open hairstyle for long sleeve gown

The other way to go is to let you hair down loose. Open hairstyles go well with almost any style of clothing.

#3: Low hair bun for long sleeved dress

Another variation of the bun but this time worn low. Note how in the pic the model has taken advantage of the extra space afforded to her by wearing some matching jhumkas.

#4: Mohawk for sequined dresses with long sleeves

Tamanna always has some interesting hairstyles to show off. In this pic she is sporting a sassy mohawk with side braids and long hooped earrings. A bold and seductive look for when you next head out to party.

#5: Simple open side parted hairstyle

This pic shows another open hairstyle but this time the hair is straight. Open hairstyles are a good match for dresses with simple patterns. If you are wearing long sleeves with more intricate patterns then you might want to consider getting the hair out of the way by trying it up.

#6: Short side parted bob for sleeves

Tie up you hair in a super loose knot and let the wavy side fringe complement the long sleeves.

#7: Simple top knot for long sleeve dress

I love this hairstyle because it is simple, easy to do and gorgeous at the same time. The top knot adds height and sophistication. It will bring out the beauty of your face and also highlight the long sleeves of the dress.

#8: Wavy updo for anarkali suit with long sleeves

This wavy updo consists of two parts. The first part of wavy-ness is created by the side puff. The second is formed by brushing the hair to side and around the top. The result is a chic look suitable for a dress with sleeves or, as in this case, a beautiful anarkali.

All in all if you are wearing a dress with long sleeves you have two options. Either a long open hairstyle that will complement a minimalist dress or a chic hair bun that will draw attention to the dress itself. If you enjoyed this post you might also want to check out our article on maxi dress hairstyles.