Hairstyles for broad foreheads: 13 ways to hide them


We hear a lot of girls say they want to cover their large foreheads. Well, here are a few hairstyles for broad foreheads for you peeps.

Side fringe hairstyles for broad foreheads

The first way you can use your hair to camouflage your broad forehead is by letting more hair fall around your face and framing it to minimize the amount of forehead visible. Get a side fringe a la Chitrangada Singh. Side part your hair the way that best suits you and get your stylist to cut thick side bangs that fall over your eyes. Either blow dry it and incorporate it in the rest of your hair or let it fall around your face if you’re tying it up like Tamanna in this article on hair extensions.

#1: Bangs for broad foreheads

Another thing to do is get bangs that cover up all of your forehead!

Get thick bangs cut straight across your forehead, either above or slightly below your eyebrows. This kind of fringe can be worn left loose with all hair lengths or can be backcombed a little to give volume while the rest of the hair is tied up or in a bun.

You may also choose to wear a hair band or other satin hair accessory like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl!

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#2: Flicks for broad foreheads

Flicks are another option to give a slight deception of a hidden forehead. Even a few wispy strands can do the trick, taking attention away from that large canvas that is your forehead. Try out this thick-flick look sported by actress Angelina Jolie.  To make it more interesting, blow dry it with a big barreled brush and separate strands with hair wax.

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#3: Broad forehead side fringe with long hair

This sort of side fringe can just be an extension of your regular hair, no need to go out and get it cut. It does a good job of hiding most of your forehead.

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#4: Lazy bangs for wide forehead

Just to give a slight illusion of a smaller forehead and take a little emphasis off it, try a few wispy strands instead of  thick fringe.

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#5: 60s broad forehead hairstyle

This is a gorgeous 60s style that cuts some of the width of the forehead. It is a short layered haircut with short layers in the front.

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#6: Priyanka  haircut to cover wide forehead

Use your shorter front layers in a straight cut hairstyle to cover some forehead area.

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#7: Cameron Diaz forehead cover-up hairstyle

Cameron Diaz is the queen of forehead cover ups. Follow her styles, every time.

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#8: Amy Jackson elegant side fringe piece to cover forehead

Elegant is right. See how neat that little piece of hair is? Use this style for formal occasions or when you are just feeling like a sleepy hairstyle.

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#9: Hollywood updo for big forehead

This is a cute updo for thinner hair. Make sure you leave a few strands over the face and gather some of the hair back into a loose bun.

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#10: Chin length haircut trick to cover wide forehead

The fringe does the trick here once again! The chin length haircut with highlights frames the face well.

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#11: Wavy locks to hide that broad forehead

Nicely brow dried fringe is good for covering broad foreheads and adding dimension to your face. Blow dry outwards and use a volumizing spray to set.

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#12: Short messy forehead camouflage hairstyle

Short and messy and ombre style hairstyle. This ombre fringe deletes some forehead area but is easy on the eye because of the lightened colour.

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#13: Rihanna style short hairstyle to cover forehead and eye

Rihanna, Rihanna. Such a diva. Use this long-in-front, pixie-at-the-back hairsyle to cover forehead area while looking ravishing at the same time.

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