12 Stunning Hair Buns and Judas to Wear With Sarees

Hair buns are a great hairstyle for sarees. Here are 3 major reasons:

  1. Your hair being swept off your neck and back means that you get to show off the beauty of your blouse, so you can go crazy and design your blouses with those deep scooped backs, or tassles with ties or all the embroidery work you want.
  2. This also means that your jewelry (necklaces and earrings) can shine in all their glory without being covered by hair, and
  3.  Without hair cascading down your back, the folds of your saree and snatches of skin in between can be quite a tease! The hairstyles below are especially suited to occasions such as sangeets, wedding receptions and office events.

Check out some of these hair bun and get inspired for the next time you put on a saree.

Hair bun saree hairstyles

#1: Bow shaped low bun with puff

This low bun is somewhat influenced by a French chignon. It is suitable for a formal saree occasion. It is for a mature grown up look at a wedding reception, office event or sangeet.

#2: Elegant high bun

You have probably seen those hair buns that air hostesses make. All neat and tidy but elegant at the same time. Try this hair bun with a saree for a sophisticated no frills modern look.

#3: French roll with poof

French rolls can look really chic and professional. If you are wearing a saree in at a business event or important office meeting then this is a good look to go for.

#4: Indian braided bun

The braided hair bun is appropriate for weddings and social occasions. It can look brilliant but it can attract unwanted attention in a more formal setting such as work.

#5: Indian puff and low bun

This is a classic Bollywood look with the hair puffed at the front to give it volume combined with a low bun at the back. This type of front puff suits sarees and other traditional attire perfectly.


#6: Low hair bun with braid

A nice and youthful style is to combine a low hair bun with a a side braid that loops over the bun at the back.

#7: Low Indian hair bun with poof

This is a supremely sophisticated look. The poof at the back makes the hairstyle appropriate for formal events.

#8: Messy Indian hair bun

This messy hair bun is comprised of twisted curls that start at the front of the forehead and merge into the updo at the back. It a nice change to see a somewhat messier look and it goes to show that South Indian saree hairstyles do not always have to combined with a clean look.

#9: Poof and braided low bun for saree

This hairstyle is composed of three elements. The first is the twisted locks that are brought back from the crown to join the bun. The second is the raised poof at the top. The third is the bunched up locks into a low bun at the back. All together they compose a mature hairstyle that will suit a traditional saree perfectly.

#10: Poof and crown of locks

The poof at the top makes a nice spherical shape that is surrounded  on it perimeter by twisted lock and a twirling hair bun at the back. This hairstyle matches a saree perfectly but also allows space for any jewelry you are wearing to shine.

#11: Puff and low bun

Combining the hair bun with some head chain accessories can be very becoming.

#12: Smooth low bun with flowers

This low bun takes the bulk of your long hair and bundles it up in an elegant manner. The banana clip with flowers will look in any traditional outfit wether it is a saree, anarkali or lehenga choli.

#13: Twirly curly juda hairstyle

This version of the saree hair bun consists of multiple twirling curls held in place with bobby pins.

#14: Twisted hair bun with accessory

Twist your hair at the crown and bring back to a messy tangle of a bun. The hair accessory can add an extra edge to an already nice hairstyle.

#15: Twisted juda saree hairstyle

This twisted and tucked in hairstyle is definitely one of those hairstyles you can try at a party or sangeet.

Hair buns are a particularly appealing hairstyle for a saree. They keep the hair out of the way, add volume and height if desired and can be the epitome of elegance. If you enjoyed this post you might want to check out more hairstyles for Indian girls and women on Hairstyle Monkey and in particular our post on side bun tutorials.