Hair bun styles: 23 easy ideas and a surprise

A lot of you are looking for hair bun styles or  updos that are simple to make. Here we have a selection of hair bun styles that range from simple to intricate. Take a look and take your pick. We hope you like them!

23 Hair bun styles that are easy to do at home

#1: Kim Kardashian hair bun style

If you are going out to formal function then this is the hair bun you will want to select. It will give you that celebrity look. If you have straight hair then combing it backwards and tying it tightly will give it that red carpet look.


#2: Lazy Sunday low bun hairstyle

Hair bun styles can also be super casual. Doesn’t the image remind of you of a lazy Sunday where you’re just sipping your coffee? This bun is made by twisting you hair into a simple knot and letting it hang low and loose. Go for this bun if you are in a relaxed laying about at home mood. It’s a very easy and simple hairstyle!


#3: Low messy bun with bangs

This hair bun is a little bit more intricate but looks exquisite. You will have to braid your hair first and fasten into place at the back. What really makes this bun hairstyles stand out though is the fringe and side bangs that frame the face beautifully.

#4: Nicole Kidman side bun

Another fashionable way to wear a bun is to wear it to the side. This makes the whole hairstyle more interesting. Note how even celebrities choose to go casual sometimes and make a loose bun.


#5: Regal hair bun style

This high bun is amazing and has that air hostess hairstyle feel to it. If you are going out and want to be the queen of the show then this is the bun to go for.


#6: Messy hair bun style

Here is another side bun. It looks especially nice since the side bangs have been swept to the left to meet the bun that is also hanging on the left. There is something particularly becoming about messy hairstyles

#7: High updo

This hight updo gets the hair out of the way and will make you stand out in a crowd. It works perfectly for a day out, especially when it’s hot outside! Wear it to cocktail parties, birthdays or to any formal occasion. If you’re wearing a salwar that has a close collar or just has a lot of embroidery, you want to show that off by putting your hair up.

#8: Jennifer Lopez formal hair bun

Formal hair bun style

I love how hair bun styles can sometimes look very formal. In this image we can see how much it suits J Lo and it should be pretty easy to replicate for someone with straight hair. This hairstyle will look particularly nice in a saree if you are attending you a wedding reception or a party.


#9: Kate Middleton hair bun

Kate looks fabulous in the low hair bun. Note how on one side she has made a small side braid while on the other hair it side parted and has a small puff.

#10: Top knot braided hair bun

This top knot bun is secured into place with a medium sized braid. If you want to go for that  Greek goddess look then this is the hairstyle to go for.


#11: Hair bun style with side braid

If you get the hang of this style, you can make a small single braid or French braid on one or both side of your head in the front and tie that up along with your ponytail for an added edge. Watch this video on how to make a French braid on the side of your head. You can use the side braid to add to any different kind of hair bun style you wish to.

#12: Messy hair bun with side bangs

Hair bun styles can look awesome when they a little messy as well. Here the front fringe complements the hair bun perfectly.


#13: Low braid bun hairstyle

This hair bun is like a Gibson tuck (see last image) only with the sides twisted and tucked in as well.


#14: Messy but elegant

This super messy high bun looks amazing. The different strands and layers give it a lot of texture and the front puff give off that air of being a celebrity.

#15: Braided hair bun

This hairstyle is actually quite quick and doesn’t actually take as much time as you would expect by looking at the image. Once you have plaited your hair you then need to wrap it up into a bun. The result is you end up with a hair bun that looks like a flower.


#16: Wavy 80s style bun hairstyle

I hope you can see why this one takes us back to the 80s. Note the high puff in front for that retro look.


#17: Messy double bun

This messy double bun is for the more courageous of you as it will surely draw attraction. Especially if you are going to be out and about. If you that is your aim then this is the one to go for.


#18: Penelope Cruz updo

Penelope Cruz’s bun hairstyle is the epitome of elegance. This hair bun hairstyle would look beautiful in a gown or a saree.


#19: Low chignon with middle parting

This low chignon looks very pleasing and fashionable. The thin loose strands on the size add that extra oomph.

#20: Bouffant hair bun

This high hair bun and bouffant has clear instructions and would make you look beautiful.


#21: Braided top bun with fringe

Top buns always look nice and command respect as they make you look taller. Having a fringe is an added benefit as it balances the hairstyle if you have a big fringe.


#22: High hair bun style

This is one of the more intricate hairstyles that involves working with different pieces of hair. The result is stunning though.


#23: The Gibson tuck

Gibson tuck hair bun style

Here is the surprise! The Gibson tuck or the inverted bun is a very elegant as well as an easy hair bun style to create on your own hair. Works best on medium length hair.  If you have really curly hair, straighten out the top as well as the bottom section at the nape of your neck. This style is is best done on straight to wavy hair. So let’s see how!

  •  Begin by combing out your hair really smooth and neat. Make a high ponytail – a tad bit lower than you would for the donut bun. Here begin a nice pony tail.
  • Let the elastic go around your hair once, and in the second twist, don’t pull all your hair through. It will now look like a puff with a tail portion left out of your rubber band. Not turn this pony to face the other way – that is, the tail is now pointing to your neck, turn the pony clockwise so it is on the exact opposite side, away from your neck. (180 degree turn).
  • Now just above the pony, use your hands to part your hair and create a pocket. Push the little bun you just made into this pocket. Once you manage this you will notice your hairstyle is almost done!
  • Make sure everything is neat. Comb in the top section if needed. Secure the inner tucked portion with bobby pins. Add a diamante clip or hair accessory or just fresh flowers or jasmine depending on the occasion! You’re going to look so pretty.

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