28 Best Greek Hairstyles You Must Try Today…Updated for 2019

Most people I know have often looked for Greek hairstyles when they’re cosplaying for Halloween or a costume party. But honestly you can try these looks for several different occasions. Greek hairstyles are often sported by Bollywood actresses and the ancient Greek aesthetic suits the modern Indian one well. If you want to look like a Greek goddess then try some of the hairstyles below!

28 Classic Greek hairstyles to mesmerize your friends

1. Greek hairstyle with tiara

This is a simple hairstyle suitable for any woman who prefers wearing simple hair. The costs of maintenance are quite low as you will only need shampoo and few other hair maintenance products to keep it in good condition.  Note that you will need to grow plenty medium length or long hair to wear this style, or else you will have to add extensions.  A simple tiara goes a long way with this low slung bun.


2. Hellenic goddess braided updo

If you have medium length hair and would like to try a new braid, wear this one and you will be pleased by your new look. Simply gather a French braid up in to a bun. The braid is quite simple to make that you can do without visiting a salon, as well the hair will be held together neatly so you won’t require hair bands or clips to hold it together. Have confidence in your new look while wearing this braid.


3. Helen’s braid

This one is suitable for women who prefer to wear a simple hairstyle. One good thing from wearing it is that it can be worn to any occasion by any woman. Become a part of the rich Greek culture by wearing this style – think of the Greek myths and legends.  Let the people around you notice your love for this great culture through this simple act. This cool loose bun hairstyle evokes ancient beauty and wisdom.


4. Greek goddess hairstyle

Greek hairstyles rock! This hairstyle will give you the supernatural look that you see in ancient drawings and sculpture. You may need some little help to wear this one, and if you intend to wear it over a long period of time, you will have to spend a lot of time to maintain it. Use a curling cream and diffuse wet hair. Gather half of it in to a bun and add little white flowers.


5. Bipasha Basu Greek hairstyle

Greek hairstyles are highly influential on many cultures around the world and it seems people are responding positively. Wearing this hairstyle will improve your looks and give you more confidence while walking around. Provided you have medium length or long hair, this hair is suitable for you. Because the hair is left loose, you will need hair bands or clips to hold it neatly in place. Bollywood celebrity hairstyles are often inspired by these type of Greek updos as many movies are about heroines and mythical times.

6. Greek long messy braid

Wear this wonderful Grecian hairstyle and be the envy of other ladies. It proves that indeed Greek culture is so rich and quite important in in shaping other cultures. If you would like to change the style simply undo the braid and do the new style. Wearing long hair is quite expensive because of the associated maintenance costs so be prepared for this if you intend to wear this hairstyle. This long thick messy braid looks superb in this summer dress. If you have thick long hair you should definitely try out this look.

7. Homeric princess updo

As a woman your looks matters a lot in your daily life, so wearing this royal hairstyle on an important event will make it more memorable for you and your loved ones. This updo may not be suitable for you if you have grown your hair long – if that is the case you will need to trim it before making the curls. Why not wear this hairstyle and be a “princess” to someone special to you at least for once in your life? If you are looking for a more formal hairstyle for a function such as someone’s wedding reception or something in a more professional context then this updo for curly hair might be appropriate.

8. Helen of Troy hairstyle

This is a tidy Greek hairstyle suitable for you if you prefer a wearing simple, pretty medium-length or long hair. If you have ever watched films about the ancient Greeks then you have probably seen some female characters wearing it. This hairstyle is not very demanding – it only requires the ordinary routine maintenance. Minus the tiara, this could be a hairstyle for any occasion.

9. Braided headband on long hair

Growing long hair comes at quite high costs. If you have grown long hair you need to get the most out of it, and one way for doing this is wearing a hairstyle that you feel most comfortable in. The ancient Greeks used braided headbands frequently to make intricate patterns with their hair. If you can’t be bothered making a braid you can just use a headband to do your hair up which will result in a more hippie look.

10. Mykonos tousled hairstyle and ready for the beach

If you ever visited a beach before, then you know that while having fun there, you need to wear a hairstyle that is convenient and makes you feel comfortable. Every beach has its own unique setting so you will need to do basic study or consultation to know the attire and hairstyle to wear when you visit. If you are heading for the beaches of Mykonos then here is a cool summer beach hairstyle for you. Find some stone jewelry to add to your tousled hair.

11. Greek royal  braided tiara

If you are a woman that likes wearing tidy hairstyles, you may frequently run of ideas. If that is the case, I would like you to try the Greek royal braided tiara. This style is not complex to wear, you may even do it right at home if you have simple hairdressing skills. In just a few minutes you will have got a simple royal look!

12. Athenian braided crown with golden laurel wreath

This hairstyle is suitable for ladies with long hair that like wearing a unique hairstyle. It is a bit tidy so you may not have to hold it with a hair band or clip, but for additional beauty you will need to wear a golden laurel wreath. It is so simple to make that you can make and redo many times a day. Better still, you can do it in your dressing room without seeking any help.

13. Ancient Greek updo with flowers

Currently, there are a large number of Greek hairstyles, but the problem is with choosing one that is suitable for you. If you like wearing a fairly tidy hairstyle and have run out of ideas, I would like you to try this one.  It is not only a reflection of the rich Greek culture, but also beauty and creativity. Add little daisies and pansies to your Greek hairstyles and updos. In fact many christian brides are influenced by this hairstyle.

14. Homeric  updo with mixed braided and real headbands

If you would like to try a messy Greek hairstyle but are undecided, try wearing this one and you will be amazed by your new look. The little braids not only show creativity, but also hold the hair in place making you feel more comfortable. You can hold your hair with a wrapper or headband to get a much better look. Blake Lively really does this look justice with a puff in her hair, little braids, messy bun and bright lace.


15. Triple band updo

If you would like to wear tidy Greek stylish juda and have run out of ideas, I would like you to try the Triple band updo. It is a cheap, comfortable, and rare hairstyle and will always make you to stand out. Create an updo and add some pretty lace around your crown. This is a pretty unique way to do a juda I think you will agree.


16. Greek hairstyles for long hair

If you like using headbands on your hair you can take your looks to another level by wearing this style. This is a simple hairstyle for ladies with long hair – you can wear the bands in your dressing room without any help. Create this look with a few gold or silver hairbands and ribbon or string. The ponytail will make you look beautiful like a mythical heroine.


17. Cassandra’s’ Braided bun

Greek hairstyles are perfect for ladies who would like to get a simple look. If you don’t have a wreath or simply would not like to wear one, you can do without and still look great. You might not need a hairband or clip to hold the hair because the braids are neatly tied. This type of hair bun is often used by hair hostesses and service staff. It is professional looking and has that ancient tradition to give it gravitas.


18. Grecian goddess updo

Get a special look by wearing the Grecian goddess updo. One special thing with it is that it is tidy and neat – so this is a great idea for you if you don’t like wearing loose hair. This hairstyle is suitable for a large variety of professionals including models and actors, but it is generally suitable for any occasion, so wear it with confidence.

19. Tight Spartan braid

If you are an admirer of the Spartans, this is a wonderful opportunity to be one. You can wear this style if you have mid length or full length hair, as long as the hair is in good condition you can make the braid without any help. You will incur low maintenance costs as the only thing you will need is to undo the braid occasionally to wash, shampoo and spray your hair before wearing it again. Why not enjoy being a Spartan at least for a few days!


20. Greek statue hairstyle with ringlets

Many people are admirers of the specially crafted Greek statues and their Greek hairstyles. If you have ever seen female Greek statues, you probably may have noticed that they wore a very beautiful hairstyle. One simple way to become a part of the Greek culture is to wear this hairstyle. You will need the services of a professional hairdresser to do this. This is a unique style that will surely catch the attention of people you will come across.

21. Santorini hairstyle for long hair

If you would like to wear a loose Grecian hairstyle, this is a good style for you start with. It is a pretty simple, natural hairstyle that can be worn to any occasion so you won’t need to keep changing your hair. The only maintenance it will need is washing, and applying hair care products.

If you have ever been to Santorini you will how stunningly beautiful nature can be. It’s the same with this rolled up  down do that looks natural and beautiful at the same time.

22. Traditional Cretan segmented ponytail with bangs

If you are looking for Greek hairstyles look no further than Crete. Crete is one of the most famous islands of Greece probably because it is the largest and has been mentioned in several legends. You can become part of this great Island by wearing these creative ponytails. This is a multipurpose hairstyle that you can wear to both formal and informal occasions. If you don’t like letting your hair loose, you can hold it together using a couple of hair bands. This Cretan hairstyle is often called the bubble ponytail.

23. Mediterranean corn row braids and bun

If you would like to wear a neat and tidy hairstyle this is another great hairstyle I would recommend. All your hair will be braided and rolled up into a bun, so this hairstyle is suitable for you if you don’t like letting your hair loose. Since the bun is skillfully tied you may not need pins, hair bands or clips to hold it. Your hair does not necessarily have to be long for you to wear this style.

24. Greek Braided Chignon

Greek hairstyles also work for those who prefer wearing a low key hairstyle. The hair does not need any special treatment for you to wear the braids so this style is not expensive to maintain. As well, it does not take a lot of time to make so you won’t have to spend several hours in a salon to get the it done. This is a pretty hairstyle that is suitable for any lady that has grown long hair.


25. Renaissance painting hairstyle

This on is one of the more unique Greek hairstyles. It is a combination of curls, braids, and natural hair so you will need the services of a professional hairdresser to get it done. It is clear that this hairstyle is for a lady who absolutely loves her hair and can do anything to keep it in good condition.


26. Intricate updo with ringlets

If you would like to wear a rather odd-looking messy hairstyle, this intricate updo is for you. It may not be appropriate to wear it to formal occasions so be prepared to remove it whenever you need to attend a formal occasion. I am sure you will be the center of attention wherever you go to, courtesy of this hairstyle.

27. Greek maid braided hairstyle

What come into your mind when you read the word “maid”? – I guess tidiness and neatness etc. This hairstyle is neat and tidy so you won’t need any hairband or clip to hold it. As well, it is pretty simple to wear and remove, so is a great hairstyle for you if you are a lady practicing a career with many physical activities. Two braids and two ponytails.

28. Mythical princess style

A princess is a classy and neat character so this style embraces those and other qualities of a princess. This is an all-natural hairstyle that is suitable for all occasions, so you won’t need to keep changing your hairstyle to attend different occasions. This is one of my favorites so I recommend that you try it out. Be your own Game of Thrones character with the right Greek hairstyle.

Greek hairstyles evoke that sense of mystery and ancient beauty and wisdom that remains eternal. These type hairstyles suits Indian women perfectly. If you enjoyed this check our other hairstyles for Indian women on Hairstyle Monkey.