28 Greek hairstyles to look like a goddess

Most people I know have often looked for Greek hairstyles when they’re cosplaying for Halloween or a costume party. But honestly you can try these looks for several different occasions.

#1.  Greek hairstyle with tiara

A simple tiara goes a long way with this low slung bun.


#2.  Greek goddess braided updo

Gather a French braid up in to a bun.


#3.  Helen’s braid

This cool loose bun hairstyle evokes ancient beauty and wisdom.


#4.  Greek goddess hairstyle

Use a curling cream and diffuse wet hair. Gather half of it in to a bun and add little white flowers.


#5.  Bipasha Basu Greek hairstyle

Bollywood hairstyles are often inspired by these type of Greek updos as many movies are about heroines and mythical times.

#6.  Greek long messy braid

This long thick messy braid looks superb in this summer dress. If you have thick long hair you should definitely try out this look.

#7.  Homeric princess updo

If you are looking for a more formal hairstyle for a function such as someone’s wedding reception or something in a more professional context then this updo for curly hair might be appropriate.

#8.  Helen of Troy hairstyle

Minus the tiara, this could be a hairstyle for any occasion.

#9.  Braided headband on long hair

The ancient Greeks used braided headbands frequently to make intricate patterns with their hair. If you can’t be bothered making a braid you can just use a headband to do your hair up which will result in a more hippie look.

#10.  Mykonos tousled hairstyle and ready for the beach

If you are heading for the beaches of Mykonos then here is a cool summer beach hairstyle for you. Find some stone jewellery to add to your tousled hair.

#11. Greek royal  braided tiara

This braided hairstyle is fit for a queen.

#12. Athenian braided crown with golden laurel wreath

#13. Ancient Greek updo with flowers

Add little daisies and pansies to your Greek hairstyles and updos. In fact many christian brides are inluenced by this hairstyle.

#14. Homeric  updo with mixed braided and real headbands

Blake Lively really does this look justice with a puff in her hair, little braids, messy bun and bright lace.


#15. Triple band updo

Create an updo and add some pretty lace around your crown. This is a pretty unique way to do a juda I think you will agree.


#16. Greek hairstyles for long hair

Create this look with a few gold or silver hairbands and ribbon or string. The ponytail will make you look beautiful like a mythical heroine.


#17. Cassandra’s’ Braided bun

This type of hair bun is often used by hair hostesses and service staff. It is professional looking and has that ancient tradition to give it gravitas.


#18. Grecian goddess updo


#19. Tight Spartan braid


#20. Greek statue hairstyle with ringlets

#21. Santorini hairstyle for long hair

If you have ever been to Santorini you will how stunningly beautiful nature can be. It’s the same with this rolled up  down do that looks natural and beautiful at the same time.

#22. Traditional Cretan segmented ponytail with bangs

This Cretan hairstyle is often called the bubble ponytail.

#23. Mediterranean corn row braids and bun

#24. Greek Braided Chignon


#25. Renaissance painting hairstyle


#26. Intricate updo with ringlets

Hellenic updo with ringlets

#27. Greek maid braided hairstyle

Two braids and two ponytails.

#28. Mythical princess style

Be your own Game of Thrones character with the right Greek hairstyle.

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