French braid hairstyle

French braid hairstyles are very simple to make. It’s really about separating your hair into a couple of strands and plaiting them into a braid. This video has a pretty good explanations of how to do a French braid.

And yet, even though it is a simple a that, there are loads of ideas you can work with. We will start by showing you a classic French braid but we then a few more ways you can experiment with French braid hairstyles.

12 French Braid hairstyles you can experiment with

#1. Classic French braid

original French braid
The classic French braid is a beautiful pattern. It’s one of the coolest hairstyles out there and can be worn at any age. To hallmark of this hairstyle is that you need to start plaiting very high up and leave a bit of a ponytail at the end.


#2. Double French flat braid

Plaited French braid hairstyle

We love this design because of the creative play between the two braids.

#3. French braid with high bun

french braid hairstyle
To achieve the this French braid begin by combing your hair free of tangles. Apply a shine serum if your hair is dull. Girls with curly hair can iron out their hair on the crown for added neatness. Now, throw all your hair forward like you would when you are drying it after a bath. Begin making a French braid from the bottom up. You don’t have to make a long braid, just until you reach the top of your head. Gather all your hair and the tail of the braid into a high ponytail. Ensure the front portion is neat and combed to eliminate kinks before you tie it up tightly. Next, insert a sock bun (available in stores,) pull you hair upwards towards the ceiling till only a tiny bit of your hair remains outside the sock. Now start stuffing that remaining hair under the sock bun. It’s going to look like a mess at first but do not fret. After most of your hair is tucked, roll the sock bun towards your pony. Don’t push it, roll it over like it’s tumbling, going inside out. Keep rolling all the way down to the rubber band. If the bun feels loose, just pull the sock bun upwards and give it another roll over. Now you are ready to get heads turning!

#4. French braid and high bun version 2

high bun and French braid

Wear your hair this way on hot days when you just can’t have your hair sticking to the back of your neck! Ugh.

#5. French side braid

French side braid

This French braid has been transformed into a fishtail braid and twisted to one side

#6. French braid with a twist
French braid with a twist

This double messy French braid is worn on the side and looks fantastically unique

#7.  Rolling crown braid

French braid unique design

Another way to do a French braid is to start from one side of the forehead and twist and plait all the way along and down to the other side. This is a perfect French braid to wear at school.

#8. Messy bun updo

French braid messy bun

Not all braids have to be loose. The model in the image above has braided her hair first and then knotted it up into a beautiful messy bun.

#9. Double French braids

Double French braids

A great way to get creative with any hairstyle is to double it. We love the high French braids on either side here.

#10.  Double French braid take 2

double French braids image

French braid hairstyles can look ethnic and amazing when you plait all your hair into the braid.

#11. Braided low chignon

Braided French chignon

An alternative to letting two braids loose on either side is to join them in a low chignon at the bottom.

#12. Heart shaped crown braid

braided crown French style


This is an excellent option for medium hair.

Now that you’ve seen them go ahead and rock the Indian summers French braid hairstyles. If you liked this French braid hairstyle, you should also check out other braided hairstyles on hairstylemonkey!