18 Amazing Feather Cut Hairstyles to Suit Indian Women

Feather cut hairstyles are layered hairstyles that involved a scissor cutting technique that results in the hair looking like the shape of a feather. They can look really trendy and in this post we will showcase all the variations that will look good on an Indian face. Feather cuts are super versatile and can be combined with  hairstyle from youthful dinky fringes to fashionable inverted bobs.  Check out the images below and get inspired.

18 Feather cut hairstyles that look stunning on Indian women

#1: Vibrant red feather cut

Go Manga comics emo style with this sassy red slanting feather cut. The fringe slants to one side covering one eye and making the look more mysterious. The hair has been dyed a vibrant red for true fashionistas. The style is best suited to long silky hair but can be a similar look can achieved with wavier hair as well. The key feature of this feather cut is the slanting fringe that covers one eye and the differing lengths of the “feather” on either side.

#2: Cleopatra fringe

Feather cuts go well with  fringes. Here is an example of an exaggerated fringe covering the eyebrows and the feathered step cut hanging loose in front of the shoulders. The style has that uniform 80s feel to it and might require some straightening maintenance with a hair iron if you have somewhat frizzy or wavy hair. This is especially try if you want to bring the feather curls forward and in front of your shoulders. Alternatively you can bunch everything up in a high ponytail if you are in a hurry and don’t have time for hair ironing.

#3: The cute version

This layered feather cut styles consists of layers that frame the face nicely. The first layer has been cut chin length curving inwards while the second layer is further down. A side swept fringe completes the look.

#4:  Feathered cut using highlights

The layered effect of the feather cut can be augmented with highlights. This hair salon has done an awesome job with the ombre dye.

#5: Genelia Dsouzas feather cut

Genelia’s hair cut looks stylish and cool. We love that the hairstyles can be worn without any fuss and yet it look as stylish and trendy as ever. Take this photo to your local hair salon and get them to copy it if you want this fashionable look that will suit any occasion. On a separate note, another celebrity that often does feather cuts is Kriti Sanon. You can check out some of Kriti’s hairstyles here

#6: Lakmé Fashion feather cut with bangs

Feather cut hairstyles are popular with Fashion models and celebrities alike. Ice blonde and deep purple highlights accompany this feather cut from Lakmé Fashion.

#7: Layered feather cut

This feather cut is done extremely well. The hair is shoulder length but the hairstyle is composed of feathered cuts of varying lengths. The side swept fringe adds to the fashionable look.

#8: Priyanka Chopra’s version

Priyanka’s feather cut hairstyles are super sexy. This particular one is a good example of how you can do a feather cut without necessarily having a front fringe. Check out more of Priyanka Chopra hairstyle here.

#9: Short feather cut bob

Go messy chic with this inverted feather cut bob. The undercut at the back is not too short and the styling at the front looks super cool.

#10: Undercut haircut with feather ends

Of late undercut hairstyles have made an their appearance in India. This look is for the more daring and you are bound to get looks especially if you are moving outside the big city. However this is a super stylish hairstyle with one side shaved and the other feather cut and long. Try this side swept hairstyle to be at the avant garde of Indian fashion and style.

#11: Aishwarya Feather Cut hairstyle

Aishwarya has tried almost every hairstyle known to man. When she did this feather cut she didn’t go over the top with it. A mature look for those of you who are looking for a conservative feather cut.

#12: Alia Bhatt with feather cut hairstyle

Alia Bhatt looks super cute in this layered feather cut. Perfectly executed for long hair the face is framed beautifully while the longer strands of hair fall fashionable over the shoulders.

#13: Deepika Padukone with feather cut hairstyle

Deepika’s wavy and curly feathered locks looks absolutely stunning. The wild look is perfect for parties and going out. If you want to look like a Bollywood celebrity you better show this photo to your hairdresser.

#14: Kajal Agarwal with Feather cut

Kajar Agarwal has combined highlights with this this multi layered feather cut. The coolest thing about feather cuts is that you just leave them loose and open and they look fantastic.


#15: Samantha Feather Cut Hairstyle

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s feather cut is probably the simplest of them all. This is a nice idea if you have straight fine hair and are not entirely sure wether you want a feather cut or not. You could start with a look like this and then if you are feeling more daring later add more variety and layers.

#16: Shilpa Shetty Feather Cut

Shilpa’s Feather cut look beautifully grown up. A side parted front and beautiful feathered locks that fall on the shoulder make for a majestic look.

#17: Symmetrical feather cut with bangs

I love this symmetrical version of the feather cut. It will work wonderfully on straight silky hair.

#18: Long feather cut for Indian woman

This symmetrical feather cut by Vurve Salon in Chennai looks supremely elegant and mature. You can wear it to work, weddings or parties with equal ease.




All in all there are loads of variations for feather cut hairstyles. We hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to check out more hairstyles for Indian girls visit Hairstyle Monkey’s home page.