27 Beautiful Dulhan Hairstyles You Must Try for Your Wedding

Dulhan hairstyles are meant to be splendid. That is why we have carefully chosen some of the most exquisite bridal hairstyle ideas that you can look at to get inspired for your nikah or any other bridal ceremony.

27 Dulhan hair style ideas for your wedding

1. Waterfall down do

This dulhan hairstyle consists of flowing curly strands of hair falling to one side. The asymmetry in the hairstyle is mesmerizing and will look stunning in your wedding gown.


2. Dulhan exaggerated poof

If you want to add a flare of Indian class to your bridal hairstyle you should definitely think about adding a poof. The raised back poof in this images is a great example of elegance and splendidness. Combine with maang tikka and pear shaped earrings to give that added weight to the look.


3. Rajasthani side braid

We usually associate long flowery braids with South Indian wedding hairstyles don’t we. Well here is a Rajasthani bridal hairstyle that I don’t think you will have seen before. This lavishing long hair plaited in braid decorated with flowers flows seductively to one side. The side parting meets the beginning of the side braid and the large jewelry complements the look perfectly.


4. Middle parted waves

If you have long hair then make sure you show it off. With a simple maang tikka and veil loose long hair can look very appropriate for you wedding day. The long flowing garments match this hairstyle perfectly.



5. Curly bridal updo

This hairstyle is very appropriate for a North Indian wedding. The hair is bundled into a large bun and the twirling strands make a mesmerizing pattern.



6. Side puff with hair piece

This side puff has that fashion model / celebrity look about it. This is an excellent hairstyle if you are a bride with a somewhat oval shaped face. The side puff will equality and round things up a bit. The side hair piece is also very special.



7. Loose with a side parting

Another way to let your hair loose is to slightly curl your locks and let them loose and in front of the shoulder on one side. A side parting will help you achieve this.



8. Updo with flowers

This is updo is especially suited to long hair. It is almost like two separate buns that meet each other. Many traditional Indian hairstyles have a poof. The maang tikka head chain piece follows the side of the hair. This is a perfect hairstyles for a saree or other wedding gown.  You can do the same with medium hair length too. Do consider adding extensions if your hair is shorter for a more elegant look that suits Indian outfits.


9. Bridal curled bun

These beautiful curls complement the pattern of the flowers for a stunning effect.


10. Retro Poof hairstyle

Add a twist of novelty into your hairstyle by adorning this old fashioned hairstyle.  Puff your hair and curl those luscious flowing locks for a retro look. A nice head band or tiara is all that you need to complete the look. Wear this look for parties and formal occasions. The stunning reviews will be worth the effort!


11. Indian Traditional Wedding Dupatta Hairstyle

Indian brides adorn a dupatta over their head on their wedding day. Their hair has to be done in accordance. A nice high bun with a middle parting gives the bride a traditional look. The dupatta can now be firmly pinned and a mang tikka too is a part of the attire of these gorgeous brides on their big day.


12. Classic Bun with Maang Tikka

Make this timeless and classy juda to suit a festive or traditional occasion. This attractive bun needs to be given time and is mastered with patience. Divide your hair into sections, puff it up a little and secure them in batches. Finally, tie the twisted strands together to form this rich and alluring hairstyle.


13. Puff with Open Curls and Waves

When in doubt, go for curls. Use curlers to give your hair some bounce. Make a small puff at the front, and you are done. Keep the rest of the hair open to for a classy look. This chic curly hairstyle can be carried off effortlessly with any attire.


14. The Half Updo

If it’s a formal occasion, go in for a sophisticated look. Secure your hair with bobby pins into a high puff and leave the front side locks. Blow dry and make slight curls in the rest of the hair to give some volume. Apply spray to the puff for a distinguished hairstyle.


15. Loose One-Side Braid with a Messy Puff

If you are tired to your boring braid, this hairdo will give you a chic twist. Blow-dry your hair and make a casual puff. Tie a braid at one side of the hair. Let the loose locks fall on the forehead. This hairstyle gives you a careless girly look. What a fresh break from the monotone!


16. South Indian Classic Braid

South Indian women make this elegant braid which looks splendid when they team it up with their intricately woven golden sarees. This hairstyle looks stunning with long black locks and hair accessories like ornate jewelry or flowers are used to decorate the plait.


17. Traditional Indian Hair Bun

A bun goes effortlessly with Indian attires and looks neat and sophisticated. Every lock of hair is secured with bobby pins. Give a middle parting to your hair and make a raised juda by taking all the hair. Secure with pins and decorate the bun with hair accessories. Put some hairspray for the final touch.


18. Braided Side Bun on Black Glossy Hair

Black lustrous hair is a beautiful asset which Indian women possess. You can try this innovative side bun which is simple to make and gives a classy look. Braid your hair and then make a raised bun out of it. Make it on one side of the forehead for a chic look. Accessorize the hair with a stone-studded hair piece.


19. Big hair bun with Flowers

Flowers add color, fragrance, and most importantly ‘life’ to any form of decoration. This simple Indian hairstyle can be adorned with flowers for a special occasion. Brides decorate their hair with red and white flowers and their black color of the hair makes an excellent base for adorning flowers to the hair.


20. Half Up Half Down with Braid and Curls

Long side locks are best left free. But if you want to tame them, this look is for you. If you have a layered hairstyle, you can tie some part of your hair for a casual look. Blow-dry your hair and plait the upper part of the hair loosely. Use curlers to give curls and bounce to the loose locks. Complete the look by using flowers or fancy hair clips.


21. Gorgeous Plaited Updo

Combine the magic of braids and buns to make an excellent updo. Braid batches of hair and finish with a statement bun. It’s quick, easy, and keeps all the flowing tassels in place. This style is suitable for formal and casual occasions.


22. Fluffy Curls for short hair

Curls add glamor to the locks, without much hassle. Just blow dry and curl your lock with tongs. Now take a small section of your hair and pin it up. Accessorize with hair pieces. This style suits all hair colors and is apt for girls who like to let their hair loose!


23. Puff with bangs for long hair

If your super shiny locks are styled in layers, this style will be perfect. Use hot iron curlers to make curls and puff the upper portion of the hair. Let the little strands fall on the forehead. Put on your favorite dress and you are good to go!


24. French Bun with Ornaments

If the evening requires poise and finesse, go for this bun. Blow-dry the hair and meticulously clinch it into a French roll. The twist is impeccable with no extra strand of hair visible. Perfection is the word. Use your imagination to beautify this bun using fancy ornaments.


25. Big hair bun with Flowers

Let those locks loose and messy for this trendy casual look. Use a chic decorative piece to cover the forehead from ear to ear. Get a nice trim before trying this look for neat edges. Ensure that your hair is shampooed and feel super light to exude bounce and waves.


26. Half up half down hairstyle with a side tikka

Straighten your hair and make a slight puff on the head. Spray generous amounts of hairspray to keep the puff in place. Now place a sideways maang-tikka. With long thick hair, you will be a stylist’s delight in giving this stylish yet prim look.


27. Beehive back with Open Curly Hair

Make your curlers and hot tongs work overtime to achieve this look. Take small sections of your tresses and start curling them right from the roots to achieve this beehive-like mesh. It’s trendy and is sure to raise many an eyebrow in admiration!


28. Dulhan original hairstyle

This hairstyle has a natural center parting, for it to work well with maang tikkas. Section only the first five inches of your hair on the crown. From your forehead till above your ears. Comb the rest of your hair backwards and voile you have a beautiful hairstyle for your wedding.


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