Dulhan hair styles: 27 ideas

Dulhan hairstyles are meant to be splendid. That is why we have carefully chosen some of the most exquisite bridal hairstyle ideas that you can look at to get inspired for your nikah or any other bridal ceremony.

27 Dulhan hair style ideas for your wedding

#1: Waterfall downdo

This dulhan hairstyle consists of flowing curly strands of hair falling to one side. The asymmetry in the hairstyle is mesmerizing and will look stunning in your wedding gown.


#2: Dulhan poof

If you want to add a flare of Indian class to your bridal hairstyle you should definitely think about adding a poof. The raised back poof in this images is a great example of elegance and splendidness. Combine with maang tikka and pear shaped earrings to give that added weight to the look.


#3: Rajasthani side braid

We usually associate long flowery braids with South Indian wedding hairstyles don’t we. Well here is a Rajasthani bridal hairstyle that I don’t think you will have seen before. This lavishingly long hair plaited in braid decorated with flowers flows seductively to one side. The side parting meets the beginning of the side braid and the large jewellery complements the look perfectly.


#4: Middle parted waves

If you have long hair then make sure you show it off. With a simple maang tikka and veil loose long hair can look very appropriate for you wedding day. The long flowing garments match this hairstyle perfectly.



#5: Curly updo

This hairstyle is very appropriate for a North Indian wedding. The hair is bundled into a large bun and the twirling strands make a mesmerising pattern.



#6: Side puff with hair piece

This side puff has that fashion model / celebrity look about it. This is an excellent hairstyle if you are a brida with a somewhat oval shaped face. The side puff will equality and round things up a bit. The side hair piece is also very special.

indian wedding updo



#7: Loose with a side parting

Another way to let your hair loose is to slightly curl your locks and let them loose and in front of the shoulder on one side. A side parting will help you achieve this.



#8: Updo with flowers

This is updo is especially suited to long hair. It is almost like two separate buns that meet each other. Many traditional Indian hairstyles have a poof. The maang tikka chain piece follows the side of the hair. This is a perfect hairstyles for a saree or other wedding gown.  You can do the same with medium hair length too. Do consider adding extensions if your hair is shorter for a more elegant look that suits Indian outfits.


#9: Bridal curled bun

These beautiful curls complement the pattern of the flowers for a stunning effect.