Cool hairstyle – DIY Hair extensions

The DIY hair extension is a cool hairstyle to try out. Hair extensions are a great short-cut to flaunting longer and/or fuller tresses! A lot of us Indian girls tend to have thin and fine hair and apply all sorts of concoctions to make them thicker! Here’s a sure shot way of flaunting a fuller head of hair with nearly no trouble 🙂 A lot of celebrities do it all the time and so can you in the comfort of your home.

When picking out hair extensions, ensure you buy human hair and not synthetic hair. Human hair is better than synthetic. It looks more natural and is also pliable – meaning you can iron it or tong it to suit your mood and occasion. You could iron it or curl it before attaching it on to your hair or do it after you’ve attached it to create a more cool hairstyle.

The extensions can be added to hair that is let loose or to add volume or curls to a pony tail. Curling your extensions and adding them to the back of your head can result in a pretty ponytail like Tamanna’s above!

Step-by-step guide to creating this cool hairstyle using hair extensions:

Extensions come in different forms. We will learn to use it in a couple different ways.First let’s look at the extensions that come in pieces with 1 to 4 clips to add volume to loose hair.

Cool hairstyle - DIY Hair extensions

Add the extension like so


Begin by parting your head along its width behind your ear lobes. Take the longest hair extension, the one with 4 or 5 clips and place it like shown in the image above. Secure it with the clips as close to the parting line as possible. Backcombing the section of your hair you are going to clip the extension to will help secure it better.

Cover the extension with a layer of your own natural hair. Take another partition, this time along the level of your temple and do the same. You may need to use a piece of extension that has one lesser clip for this section as your head is less wide at this point.

Cover up this layer with a layer of natural hair too. If you want to add more volume, you can add a few more extension layers to the back of your head.

For the crown of your head, do the same thing using the smaller extension (the ones with a single clip) Cover it up with your own hair and spray on hair spray to keep hair in place and to minimize flyaways and frizz.

For a better understanding of how to attach the extensions watch this video offering  5 Hair Extension Tricks.

If you want to make the curly pony tail hairstyle, part  hair that has been curled at the level behind the top of your ear and secure the top section with a clip or rubber band. Attach the hair extension – that had been curled too to match your natural hair – and fasten it with the clips. Lightly place hair from the from on to the extension, covering it to make it blend in and look natural. Then tie it up and spray with a setting spray.

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