Category: Hairstyles for round face

It can often be difficult to find good hairstyles for a round face. Many Indian women have a round face with full cheeks and curved chins. They often wonder which hairstyles best suits their shape of their face. The trick is to create a harmonious balance between the length and width of the face. The good […]

Short hairstyles look great on Indian women. It takes guts and valor to chop off the locks you have grown for years! Some do it out of obligations, some do it to manage less hair and some just do it to appease their free spirit! A lot of Indian women think that having short hair […]

You have an oval face if you have wide cheekbones, a narrow forehead and a narrow jawline. Lucky for you, your face is suited to most hairstyles.  Some celebrities with oval faces are Genilia D’Souza, Anushka Sharma, Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Aniston. Below are some hairstyles for oval faces that you can use as inspiration to get a […]