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Hair accessories can do wonders when it come to styling hair. There two types of accessories you will need to style your hair.

Firstly there are accessories that help you create the hairstyle itself. Topsy tails, banana clips, butterfly clips and hair band are all tools that help you twist and keep the place in a certain way.

Secondly there are hair accessories that are mostly decorative. Maang tikkas, head chains, earring chains and tiaras are examples here.

Sometimes the two cross over. For example head bands are practical in that they keep hair out of the way but they are also somewhat of a fashion statement.

Explore some of the hairstyles you can do using hair clips and accessories and try something new!

Happy hairstyling!

Whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, if you’re having a good or bad hair day, trust the headband to instantly take your hairstyle up by a few notches. You will see in this post about headband hairstyles that not only can headbands add glamour to your look, it can also serve as a […]

Topsy tail hairstyles are perfect if you running out of ideas for doing your long hair. I would like to suggest a very simple 1990s tool for styling it – the topsy tail.  We’ve all used butterfly clips, banana clips and other various accessories for our hairstyles. The topsy tail is one of those curious accessories […]

It’s sometimes hard to think of new hairstyles for oiled hair. Oiling is such an essential part of our haircare routine that we just can’t afford to miss. It is mostly recommended to oil your hair with coconut oil once every 3-4 days. In reality, a lot of us shy away from oiling our hair […]

Head chains hairstyles have been around for many years. Many cultures and traditional hairstyles boast of these lovely accessories. A lot of women have worn a head chain at some point in life, sometimes because of tradition, sometime because of recommendations and sometimes just by chance! We are bringing to you some fool proof ways […]

We love hair accessories! They add so much oomph to a simple hairdo and can really change the way we look! Because of this special quality, we never get enough of them! One simple accessory is the claw clip. It’s very readily available, is cheap, comes in a million shapes and sizes and can be […]

Banana clip hairstyles are super easy and quick to do! You can clip your hair in any number of ways to make it look uniquely cute. You can use banana clips to create a range of hairstyles: messy updos, braids, side swept hairstyles. They make a nice alternative to ponytails and look particularly good when […]