25 Braid Hairstyles Like You’ve Never Seen Before

If you know how to braid your hair , you can create all sorts of braided magic to your hair – waterfall braids, fishtail braids, tiny braids, big braids, messy braids – you name it! Whether your straight hair needs a boost or you are having a bad, frizzy, hair day – braid hairstyles can always come to the rescue.

Check out these braid hairstyles that you are sure to love

#1 : Wool braided hair

braided hair bipasha

To style your hair like Bipasha Basu in the picture, just smooth straighten your hair and apply a serum to smooth flyaways. Next, partition your hair right down the centre. Having this center parting also allows for you to wear this hairstyle with a lehenga or other traditional Indian outfits as you can add a maang tika to it. Take equal sized, tiny sections of hair from either side of the parting and tie it with a small transparent elastic. Over the elastic, tie one end of a long, coloured piece of wool or thin satin ribbon securely. The colours can be of your choice. You can either do two different colours like Bipasha or match them. Now begin to braid each of these sections, incorporating the coloured wool. Take it around your head as though you were Julius Caesar and tie them together at the back with another transparent elastic or just secure them on each side of the head with bobby pins.

Another way to modify this style is to take a slight side parting. Your hair could be really wavy or straight for this option. Pick two random sections from the deeper side of your parting and braid them both with or without coloured wool. Fasten them with transparent elastic and pin them up in your hair.