25 Amazing Braid Hairstyles That You Are Going To Love

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If you know how to braid your hair , you can create all sorts of braided magic to your hair – waterfall braids, fishtail braids, tiny braids, big braids, messy braids – you name it! Whether your straight hair needs a boost or you are having a bad, frizzy, hair day – braid hairstyles can always come to the rescue.

Braid hairstyles that you are sure to love

#1 : Wool braided hair

To style your hair like Bipasha Basu in the picture, just smooth straighten your hair and apply a serum to smooth flyaways. Next, partition your hair right down the centre. Having this center parting also allows for you to wear this hairstyle with a lehenga.

Take equal sized, tiny sections of hair from either side of the parting and tie it with a small transparent elastic. Over the elastic, tie one end of a long, coloured piece of wool or thin satin ribbon securely.

Now begin to braid each of these sections, incorporating the colored wool. Take it around your head as though you were Julius Caesar and tie them together at the back with another transparent elastic or just secure them on each side of the head with bobby pins.

Bipasha braid hairstyles



#2 Braided bun updo

This beautiful updo is one of the nicest braid hairstyles out there. It allows you to look elegant and sophisticated without having to know too much about hairstyling. It is a formal outfit for weddings or functions. Braid your hair on either side, but only a small portion of it. Braid the rest of your center hair into two thin braids as well. Finally, roll up all four braids together in a beautiful big bun and fasten with several bobby pins.


#3 : Heart braid hairstyle

Try this heart braid the next time you want to look angelic! The parting of the hair is crucial to creating this look. Create a love heart shape parting in your hair, comb the inside of it very neatly. French braid or regular braid the top side portions and frame along the partitioned heart. At the base combine all the hair and braid as one.


#4 : French braid top knot for blonde hair

This uber cool updo is also uber simple to create. Just gather the top portion of your hair and French braid it. In this style below there is a smaller front braid that goes over a larger, fluffed braid. They are both gathered at the top of the head and made into a messy top knot. This is a cool hairstyle to wear with t-shirt and jeans and other basic outfits.


#5 : Tweeny braid hairstyles

This cute hairstyle involving a smaller set of braids is a great way to jazz up regular braids. You can wear them to school too. Oh you worry if you’re going to have the time to make a small braid and then plait it in with your larger one? Don’t stress – just buy little plaits from the store! Buy one in a colour closest to your hair, or a funky color like pink or purple for extra edge.


#6 : Messy fishtail braid to the side

How messy can a messy braid be? Get a friend to help you try out this side swept style while lounging about on a weekend afternoon. Grab some bobby pins as well. Entwine your hair to slant sideways and keep it going that way till the nape of your neck.


#7 : Triple plait

This complicated looking braid is easier to create than it seems at first sight. Before you start, get some hair color chalk or spray on hair colour and give your hair a rough chalking/spray. It doesn’t have to be even. Best for girls with thick and long hair – just make three braids in your hair beginning from the nape. Then interweave all three together.


#8 : Loose winding – braid hairstyle for wedding

This elegant loosely wound “braid” is a gorgeous style to wear for your own wedding or a close one’s. Press on or stick on diamantes make this look really outstanding!


#9 : Braided flower bun hairstyle

Isn’t this maze-like flower hair bun really something else? The hair has been teased outwards at different levels in the bun adding “petals” to the bun. The top has an intertwining net of hair strands like a mesh. Get your hairstylists help to


#10 : Zig-zag braided hairdo with a dose of roses

I love this zig-zag braid with a teased braid running along in a zig-zag manner. It is a fun style yet elegant enough for a dulhan like occasion. Use fresh flowers or satin roses to add to the elegance of this look. Remember to get the front portion curled into a delicate tendril!

zigzag braid

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