14 Cutest Indian Braid Hairstyles You Will Absolutely Adore

Indian braid hairstyles come in a wide variety. So in this post we are going to take a look at some of the best braid hairstyles that suit Indian women.

We’ll walk you through a fantastic collection of French braids, Dutch braids or Faux Dutch plaits and fishtail braids.

There are endless variations you can do when it comes to braiding hair. You will note that I do have a preference for plaits that have been looped through a ponytail. I love the aesthetic of a high ponytail combined with a braid.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some of the best Indian braid hairstyles.

Awesome Indian braid hairstyles to get inspired

#1: Dutch braid Indian hairstyle with lehenga

These twin Dutch braids will look splendid in a lehenga choli, anarkali or saree. The technique is simple.

Start by Dutch braiding on either side of the crown until you reach the nape of your neck. Then continue with a normal braid until the end. Finally plait the braids into a low ponytail.

#2: Faux Dutch braid on Indian hair

This pull through braid is really beautiful. It’s a little bit alternative to normal braiding as it involves using a lot of elastic bands. But you can’t see them. This is an excellent video on how to make a faux Dutch braid.

#3: Fishtail ponytail for Indian girls

Let go of your worries with this relaxed fishtail braid. I really like the idea of turning a high ponytail into a braid. Turning it into a fishtail braid adds that extra twist to the concept.

#4: French rope braid on Indian hair

This beautiful rope braid hairstyle is perfect for going to college or work. This is a good video on rope braiding in case you don’t know how to do it.

#5: Half normal braid half fishtail plait combined

This ponytail is super cute and combines two styles of braiding.

For the first section of the ponytail you just braid like you normally would with three strands of hair.

Once you reach halfway use two strands to fishtail braid.

Use the third remainder strand to wrap around the intersection between the normal braid and the fishtail braid. T

he result is pretty cool and will look good at college or when  meeting friends.

#6: Indian braided ponytail

I love this high braided pull through ponytail. The thick braid adds a nice aesthetic to the hairstyle.

It will look good in any style of clothing whether you are just hanging about the house in loose trousers or  going out in a saree.

#7: Indian top knot with diagonal braid

This is a really cute way to braid your hair. Perfect for a summer dress, it’s a simple hairstyle but the diagonal plait has something truly quirky about it.

You will need to part you hair at the front for the front side bangs.

The braid is probably a simple French braid which you braid at the top and then continue braiding with the rest of your hair and wrap the remainder into a top knot bun.

Secure with bobby pins and you will look amazing.

#8: Messy fishtail plait for Indian women

I love fishtail braids especially when they are thick and long like in this pic below.

Bring the braid forward over you shoulder and combine with traditional clothing to look beautiful.

#9: Messy French braid by BBlunt India

BBlunt hair salon definitely know a thing or two about hairstyling. This messy French braid looks super stylish and is simple to do. Add highlights to spice things up.

#10: Ponytail braid by Knot me Pretty

Another favorite hairstylist of ours is Knot me Pretty. The fishtail braid is easy to do and look wonderfully when it hangs from up high.

#11: Pulled back braid on Indian girl

This pull through braid look super chic especially with the slightly raised puff at the front.

#12: Side swept Indian hairstyle with side braid

This is one of the trendiest Indian braid hairstyles right now. This side braid combined with a brunette balayage looks stunning. I love the side swept parting of one side of the hair. The braid is tight and neat and gives the hairstyle that fashion model look and feel to it.

#13: Simple Dutch braids for long Indian hair

This triple Dutch braid on oiled hair is a nice alternative braid for Indian girls to try.

Start at the front and continue braiding all the way to the back. Remember that to Dutch braid the outer strands go under the middle one not over like in a French braid.

Do a normal braid with the remainder of your hair and plait all three braids into a final fat braid.

The result is a very becoming stylish look.

#14: Traditional Indian messy side braid

This untidy side look marvelous with the flowers and the ringlet bangs. Perfect for a lehenga choli the hairstyle will surely get heads turning.

I hope you enjoyed these Indian braid hairstyles. They are easy to do and really stylish. Try some of them out when you next go out wether it is attending a wedding or just going to meet friends for coffee.

Happy braiding!