17 Best Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Indian Girls and Women

If you are tired of the same old options of either long layered hair or a short bob,  you will be surprised to know that there is a new hairstyle that has hit the town running. From celebrities to socialites, this has now become the most popular way to style your hair. We are of course talking about blunt cut hairstyles!

Noticeably longer than a bob and without any visible layers, blunt cuts ensure the versatility that every woman is looking for.  Not only does the hairstyle automatically make you the best fashionista in the room, but it also comes with a hidden advantage.

If your hair has, over the years, borne the brunt of harsh Indian summers, making it look fried and extremely dull, or if you have fine or heat damaged hair, blunt cuts provide the perfect solution by making your hair look thick, healthy and lustrous.

It does away with the stringy hair look that layered hairstyles often grow into and replaces it with well-polished ends.  Further, blunt cut hairstyles make the neck look longer, thereby, giving you an added touch of grace and glamour. So if you are looking for the perfect hairstyle to spice up your life, look no further.

Here are seventeen of the best blunt cut hairstyles, pick the one that fuels your fancy and get ready to go bold and blunt!

Blunt cut hairstyles to look awesome in

#1: Asymmetrical blunt hairstyles for round face

This is a blunt cut with a twist. Asymmetrically cut, this hairstyle will ensure that you make your presence felt with a bang. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it is youthful enough to be worn by a teenager while at the same time being mature enough to be worn by a business woman. The best part, though, is that it is a breeze to maintain.


#2: Blunt cut bobs for thin hair

Often it can be very difficult to find the best hairstyles that suits thin hair. However, if you have fine hair then the blunt cut can now become your go-to option. Adding tonnes of volume and shine, this blunt cut is sure to do miracles for your hair. Keeping the parting to a side, makes the hair look longer while maintaining the soft edge.


#3: With long fringe

If you really like the asymmetrical blunt cut but are looking for something extra, then this might prove to be the perfect add-on for you. Just add long fringes, swept to one side. This keeps the overall look bold yet gentle and delicately framed.


#4: With pink highlights suited to Indian hair

If you’d like to customize your blunt cut hairstyle and make it pop, just add a few highlights. This perfect shade of pink is every party-goer’s dream. The bold shade suits Indian hair perfectly, making it look vibrant and full of life.




#5: Manga style fringe

Are you are a fan of Japanese anime or simply on the look-out for something exotic? If yes, you will find this Indian emo type hairstyle a must try. This blunt cut hides subtle layers that add more volume and depth. The fringes at the front add a little extra to the magical mood. This hairstyle looks best on dark brown and black hair.


#6: For long hair

If you prefer to keep your hair long but would like the versatility of a blunt cut, worry not. The blunt cut for long hair is an adaptation of the classic blunt cut. It ensures the same smooth, polished ends, thereby, giving you a chic way to sport long hair.


#7: Cleopatra fringe

This not so forgiving haircut screams gutsy, but if you manage to pull it off, you are guaranteed an exponential leap in your social life. Fondly called the Cleo bob, this hairstyle looks best on oval, heart or circular faces. If exotic is what you are truly looking for, close your eyes and let this Egyptian queen lead the way.


#8: Dark red bob

This A-line bob with dark red coloring is a true time-tested classic. The spectrum of deep red and burgundy adds the perfect shimmer to the hair. The additional depth adds on to the overall enigma that comes with the look. The coolest thing about this shade, though, is that it suits all skin tones whether warm or cool.




#9: Diagonal and short

The perfect diagonal short blunt cut is a product of immense skill and expertise. If you feel that your hair is straight and boring, this hairstyle is the perfect way to jazz it up. This top of the trends hairstyle gives you the perfect ultra-modern yet low maintenance option.



#10: Dyed blue

If making a statement is what you are looking for, then this dyed blue look is something you must consider. Whether you have fair, medium or a dark skin tone, the shade is going to look perfect on you. Moreover, the strategically placed highlights can be added to any type of blunt cut, whether long or short.


#11: Heart shaped

This blunt cut hairstyle is perfectly suited to soften the strong jawlines on heart-shaped faces. The cut draws attention to the high cheek bones while minimizing the appearance of a wide forehead. The bangs bring in so much more by making the cut look fun and flirty.



#12: For shoulder length hair

This version of the blunt cut is especially good if you have a triangular or diamond shaped face. However, with an off centre parting, it can even look great on round faces by elongating the overall length. This variation of the blunt cut hairstyle is perfect for the busy Indian woman. It gives flow to the hair while, ensuring elegance at all times.


#13: Layered with bangs

The layers in this style are more visible, yet they maintain the same soft, smooth look that is signature to all blunt cut hairstyles. The chunky bangs in the front preserve a certain freshness in the look. You may also add highlights or lowlights in the hairstyle to add more depth and make the look stand out.


#14: Layered and shaved on the inside

If a drastic change is what you set out for, this hairstyle has been quietly waiting for you. The side shave emphasizes the dissident in you, while the asymmetrical blunt cut on the other side softens the overall appearance. If you what to highlight the contrast between the two, you may color the two sides in different shades.



#15: Neck length with highlights

This neck length blunt cut is unquestionably one of the most sophisticated looks that can be easily pulled off. If you have rich brown or black hair, try some caramel colored highlights to add warmth. You may even place some highlights on the side swept bangs to add an extra amount of oomph.



#16: Boy cut

This hairstyle falls smack in between a pixie and a chin length bob. Even though, this blunt cut with bangs can be hard to pull off, if executed perfectly, you will be sporting a snazzy yet contemporary look. This hairstyle looks great on oval face shapes.


#17: Shoulder length with red highlights

If coloring your blunt cut a deep red is not what you are looking for, but yet you’d like the same classic shimmery look, then opting for rich burgundy or deep red colored highlights could be your best bet. The look brings with it all the goodness of a blunt cut while adding peppiness from the red highlights. There really could be no better way to get the best of both worlds.


Blunt cut hairstyles suit Indian women perfectly. They are for non conforming fashion rebels. The short blunt bobs make for a nice change and contrast against more traditional Indian hairstyles. So don’t be afraid of trying something new. Go Wild!

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