9 Best Kangana Ranaut Hairstyles For Curly Haired Indian Women

Kangana Ranaut is very versatile in making various hairstyles. From elegant hair buns to short curly bobs Kangana has a nice range of voguish hairstyles. We have covered a variety of Bollywood actress hairstyles including A grade actresses such as a Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra as well as upcoming actresses such Hina Khan and Kriti Sanon. Kangana distinguishes herself from other actresses in that she has curly hair and that she has a very particular and classy style. An actress with many awards, as she switches from actress to director no doubt her classiness will only increase. If you have curly hair then you can learn a thing or two from Kangana and get some new ideas for hairstyles in 2017.

#1: Kangana’s curly hair bun

Beauty queen, fashion model and hipster, this hairstyle brings out all three in Kangana Ranaut. This beautiful hair bun is fashioned out of wavy curls set in place by hair spray and bobby pins. Note the big curl at the back and the snake like curling side lock. This type of hair bun is excellent for showing of jewelry such as earrings and heavy necklace or, if you have one, a tattoo on the neck or back.

#2: Kangana’s short curly bob

This smoking hot short curly bob looks superb on Kangana. Let’s admit it. Not many Indian women dare to wear their hair short but when they do they can look stunning. A lot of the short bobs that I have seen tend to be youthful blunt cut affairs. It nice to see something a bit more conservative and mature for a change. Here Kangana shows us how this short curly bob can be worn with both western office outfits as well as more traditional sarees.


#3: In an open curly hairstyle for lehenga choli

Kangana Ranaut natural state of hair is thick curly hair.  If you have hair like this here is a nice example of how to flaunt it. Remember that while you might be bored of your curls there are probably tons of girls out there wishing their hair had some bounce to it. So don’t be afraid to let it loose and flaunt it like Kangana does here in a pink lehenga choli.

#4: Kangana in 80s hairstyle

This hairstyle takes us back to the 80s. The high pompadour quiff really looks like Kangana is from that era. A bold and stylish short hairstyle that will look good in a tank top and sunglasses. Kangana can certainly pull it off.

#5: With curly bangs and maxi dress

I love just how layered this hairstyle is.  The hair has been tied up in some sort of messy bun at the back but the trick with this look is the arrangement of free curly bangs that send those sassy vibes of sexiness. This unkempt makes a nice contrast to gown dresses or maxi dress type gowns.

#6: With an open side parted hairstyle

If you have curly hair then you may want to straighten it once in a while to get the look below. Kangana’s hair makes an almost perfect wavy pattern as it falls over the left shoulder. The side parting is simple and very becoming.

#7: In a short 60s bob

Kangana has got this 60s Jackie Onasis kind of look going for her in this one. She combines it with a summery shirt and skirt and big sunglasses.

#8: Kangana with side puff and skirt

This nice quiff is really alternative and is sure to get heads turning.

#9: Kangana Ranaut with side swept hairstyle

If you are looking for a party hairstyle that will match the occasion then this updo will surely make an impression. Kangana takes full advantage of her curly lock and show them off. The nicest part of this hairdo is the wavy bunch of loose locks that has been brought forward over one shoulder.

Kangana Ranaut has a range of hairstyles that are ideal for if you have curly hair.  I often hear Indian women with curly hair complain about their thick long hair but that is just fatigue from doing the same thing. As you can see you have many options that look gorgeous so don’t be afraid to get out there an experiment with some different looks. If you liked this post you might also like our other Indian hairstyles.