17 Best Indian Hairstyles by Hairstyling Salons and V-loggers in India

I frequently post pics of hairstyles by some great Indian bloggers. In this post I would like to pay my respects to the best of them by showcasing some of the best Indian hairstyles for 2017. The arrangement below consists of both traditional hairstyles such as front puffs, judas and braids as well more daring looks such as fringes, top knots and blunt cuts. I hope you take a look and get inspired to try some of these out in 2017.

 17 Best Indian hairstyles you should try in 2017

#1: Aishu Ram studios knotted hair bun

Aishu Ram is an Indian hairstylist based our of Denmark. Their Facebook page has a nice collection of Indian hairstyles. This knotted hair bun is elegant and chic and really easy to do. The poof at the back adds the gravitas appropriate for a wedding and the studded flowers complement the look perfectly. Try this hair bun if you are attending a formal function. You will look  smashing!

#2: Blue highlights and French braid by Rock Paper Scissors Salon

Rock Paper Scissors is a hairstyling salon based out of Bangalore. For me personally 2017 will be all about trying out new styles. One area I haven’t experimented enough with is exaggerated colors such as this neon blue. This hairstyle is perfect for the gym as it keep the hair tightly in place while looking awesome at the same time. Don’t be afraid to try something bold. Perfect for partying or going to college rainbow colors are going to be all the rage in 2017.

#3: Bubble ponytail by Sangamithra Pillai

Sanghamithra Pillai is a hair and make up artist based out of Mumbai. Her page has a nice range of modern hairstyles for Indian women. I have chosen the bubble braid below as on of the best hairstyles in 2017 as it is so innovative yet looks and feels as if it oozing with tradition. If you are part hipster part activist then this is a hairstyle that will suit you well. Wear it with a salwar kameez, saree or just plain jeans and a top.

#4: Double top knot by Menon Nikita

With a small Instagram page Menon Nikita is not as famous as some other feeds but you should probably start following her as she has posted some nice hairstyles that are worth keeping track of. I like the hairstyle in this pic because it is an assertive hairstyles that not many Indian women do. Perfect for college or for chilling at home the double to knot is super cute and confident at the same time. Try out this hairstyle in 2017 to experiment with something new and see how you feel about it.

#5: French braid by Naina Hair Art

Naina Gunjikar is a hairstylist based out of Bangalore whose hairstyles are modern and who likes to play around with rainbow colors. You will find a range of hues from flashy purple, blue and  pink as well as more conservative colors such as in the highlights below. Highlights and balayages are not that common in India so if you decide to get them done you will really stand out. I think that this traditional French braid looks beautiful with the balayage that offers texture and makes the overall look much more interesting to look at.

#6: Hair band and open hairstyle by Dheeraj

Hair by Dheeraj is an Instagram page with a large collection off hairstyles that are guaranteed to make an impression at functions such as weddings, sangeets and parties. The hairstyles he creates are suited to wearing bridal attire such as lehenga cholis and sarees or party dresses such as gowns and maxi dresses. We have selected the hairstyle below as one of the best Indian hairstyles for 2017 due to it’s simplicity and elegance. The front side bangs are bordered by a hair band behind which a retro Bollywood style poof is created. The open curling locks that fall freely on the shoulder look splendid. Overall the hairstyle has a 60s flair to it that could work well at parties and functions.

#7: Heart braid for long hair by Ritika hairstylist

This messy open hairstyle is perfect for wavy or curly hair. The twin braids meet in the middle forming a heart shape. The messy and wavy curls create a lot of texture. This is a perfect hairstyle for college or partying in.

#8: Juda hairstyle by Jaswinder Kaur

Jaswinder Kaur is a celebrity hairstylist based in the USA who focuses on Indian hairstyles. The juda below is a classic look with some nice twists. First of all the poof at the top is kept is bordered by a golden studded banana clip. The hair bun itself is decorate with a beautiful head chain. Finally the periphery of the hairstyles is composed of curling loops of locks kept in place with hair clips. All in all the composition is majestic and worthy of attention at a wedding or other such function.

#9: Knot Me Pretty’s side braid with twisted locks

Knot Me Pretty is probably the most popular and trending YouTuber v-logger focusing solely on hairstyles. With step by step videos and advice on how to perfect a variety of hairstyles her channel is definitely worth browsing. This knot is so simple to do. I love the uniqueness of  the twists that form at the brow and join the rest of the braid. Knot Me Pretty has some of the best college and party hairstyles you could hope to find.

#10: Pelli Poola Jadas South Indian braids

Since we are discussing Indian hairstyles we can’t leave out the quintessential South Indian braid. You can find a variety of South Indian bridal plaits such as the one in the pic below inPelli Poola Jadas Instagram page. If this is the hairstyle you are going for then definitely go and take a look.

#11: Prakruthi Ananths mermaid hair do

Prakuthi is a make up artist who has a series of great hairstyles on her feed  of herself and her models. This cascading curly mermaid hairstyle creates a classy look. It suits a saree or lehenga perfectly. If you are attending a sangeet or wedding reception then this might a good look to go for. The hair stays out of the way but is splendid to look at and has that eventful party feel to it.

#12:  High puff updo for gown

Ritika hairstylist is an awesome hairstylist. I consider this to be one of the best Indian hairstyles because it captures so much of Indian traditional with a modern flare. The puff is beautifully elaborate and the messy bun at the back exotically wild. Combined with the hair accessory it makes for a stunning look in a gown or maxi dress.

#13: Sassy fringe by Namitha Nair

Namitha is not a hairstyling as such but her Instagram has some great hairstyles that could work for college girls. I love this simple fringe because it is really simple to maintain and because it looks so fashionable at the same time. Fringes like this are a nice way to keep up with the tradition of long hair in India with a modern spin.

#14: Side Braid for saree by Swank Studio

Swank studio are really good at doing bridal and saree hairstyles. If you want a classic Indian hairstyle consider this loosely plaited half fishtail braid for curly hair. The hair has been swept to one side  and few wispy strands have been let loose to give it that slightly wilder look.

#15: Sukymua refined hair bun

Sukymua is a London based makeup artist and her Instagram page features some great hairstyles for Indian women. We chose this elegant hair bun as one of the must try’s  hairstyles for 2017. Inspired by the type of hair bun that air hostesses usually wear this hairstyle looks supremely elegant. Earrings will look good with it as will any formal attire such as sarees and lehenga cholis. The next pic showcases some beautiful intricate judas. Visit her page for more.


#16: Vurve hair salon’s Indian hairstyles

Vurve hair salon is based out of Chennai and the hairstyling crew there definitely know a thing or two about fashionable and trendy hairstyles. They’ve got it all covered: from undercuts and short blunt cuts to curly down dos such as in the pic below. This hairstyle captures tradition and fashion in one style. The curly open hairstyle is a quintessential feature of many Indian hairstyles. The double cornrow on the side is cutting edge though. We first saw this type of side braid worn by Sonam Kapoor and it has been popping up across hairstyling salons ever since.

Here is an example of their blunt cut hairstyles. They have a nice range of blunt cuts and you can also check out our post on blunt cut hairstyles if you are interested in this kind of look.


So that kind of sums up what I think the best Indian hairstyles for 2017 are. Some of these you may have tried already but hopefully you got some ideas to add a flair or two such as side bangs, different colors and highlights or simply a slight twist to a hairstyle you usually do. More importantly, I have hopefully given you some new bloggers, Instagramers and v-loggers to follow who you didn’t know about.   I hope you enjoyed the post and that you will try some of the hairstyles out.