10 Awesome Jacqueline Fernandez Hairstyles to Look Stunning

These Jacqueline Fernandez hairstyles are perfect for those of you who love chic and elegant hairstyles. With a preference for smart ponytails Jacqueline exhibits a unique range of hairstyles that are especially suited to long fine hair.

To curate this collection we visited Jacqueline’s Instagram page and selected the some her best hair looks. Like many other Bollywood celebrities, Jacqueline’s style is very sophisticated and her hairstyles are perfect for those of you who are searching for something to match fashionable gowns and dresses.

Get that Bollywood star look by copying some of Jacqueline’s hairstyles below

10 Jacqueline Fernandez hairstyles that take chic to another level

#1: High bun hairstyle

Get all the glamour and chicness of the sixties with this high bun by Jacqueline. High buns are excellent for getting attention in a room full of crowded people. Wear it with a gown or long dress to get the same effect.

#2: Elegant updo ponytail

Prop this high ponytail with bobby pins to make it more perky. Seems like Jacqueline’s secret with this hairstyle is in the poof at the crown of the head. She combines this with the twirling puff at the front. Also, she is sporting the hairstyle while wearing a dress with open shoulders.

#3: With flamboyant ponytail

Here Jacqueline is wearing a similar version of the hairstyle. This time the front poof swerves to her left. She has also combined the hairstyle with a neck length frock.


#4: In a puffed ponytail

You’ve probably noticed that Jacqueline really likes ponytails. This is awesome because ponytail are super easy to do. You probably should also check out our post with ponytail tutorials for more.

Tie the ponytail at the top with an elastic band and tease the front hair a little to give it volume.

#5: With messy side braid

Combine this messy side braid with a few stray strands of hair for a cool and nonchalant disheveled look.

To copy Jacquline’s hairstyle you will need to make a fishtail braid. Tease the hair at the top to get that poof.

Long front bangs will contribute to the unkempt look but a short one will also work.

#6: Jacqueline’s side swept hairstyle

Get sassy with this side swept look. First of all fully part the hair has been to one side. Next make a small braid to decorate the hair on the right section.

Combine with any attire and you are sure to look like Jacqueline Fernandez!

#7: With updo for gown

Jaqueline looks smashing in this full updo because the hairstyle has a Victorian style front puff. Also, some wispy side locks add an air of regality to the hairstyle.

#8: With open straight hairstyle

Jacqueline Fernandez looks beautiful in this open hairstyle. Best for day old hair, side part you hair above the left eye and you are good to go!

#9: Side swept straight hairstyle

Get sexy with this side swept open hairstyle.

#10: With simple ponytail and gown

Look splendid in a gown and this sleek side ponytail. Straighten and smoothen you hair to get that glossy look.

I think you will agree that Jacqueline Fernandez hairstyles are great!

Most noteworthy is her preference for sleek ponytail hairstyles and the fact that she looks gorgeous in just any clothes.

Hence, if you have long straight hair like Jacqueline then there are definitely a bunch of hairstyles that you can get inspired from here.

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Happy hairstyling!