8 Amazing Ambada Hairstyles That Will Inspire You

Ambada hairstyles look beautiful on brides. The ambada hair jewelry will give you that traditional look that is minimalist at the same time.

If you are looking for as simple bridal hairstyle then ambada judas are probably a good option for you.

8 Ambada hairstyles to get inspired for your wedding

#1: Ambada and flowers bridal hairstyle

This traditional ambada hairstyle is perfect for a classic Indian wedding. The flower wreath matched the ambada pattern perfectly. To make the hairstyle you will need to first make a donut bun and then place the jewelry on top. The style is simple and grand at the same time.

#2: Ambada hairstyles different variations

These ambada hairstyles all use a simple donut bun as a base from which to start from. The jewelry is then placed on the middle of the bun. I really love the second and third pics with the chains.

#3: Elegant ambada style hairstyle

This is a nice minimalist variation with a small mandala jewelry on the juda hairstyle!

#4: French roll ambada hairstyle

A nice play on the usual bun is to make a French roll. This will look excellent. You can combine this with a plastic ambada for a cute look or for golden jewelry is you are attending a formal event etc.

#5: Loose ambada hairstyle

This is what I call the hipster ambada hairstyle. The loose hair bun sends off those relaxed vibes while the jewelry brings out the tradition.

#6: Simple ambada hairstyles

These two beautiful ambada judas are simply great to look at. One piece circles around the center of the juda while the other is centered in the middle. Both have decorative chains that add to the regal aesthetic.

#7: Traditional ambada hair bun

This traditional beehive juda hairstyle look magnificent. The triple pearl chain on either side of the bun is luxurious and rich.

#8: Tucked In Double Ambada Bun

This double tucked in amabada hair bun is a very nice play no tradition. If you are looking to combine a traditional hairstyle with some modern elements you might want to consider it.

Amabada hairstyles look simple homely and traditional. They are great option if you don’t want to complicate your wedding hairstyle too much. If you liked this post you might also enjoy our post on marathi hairstyles.

Happy hairstyling!

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