17 Awesome Air Hostess Hairstyles You Can Do at Home

Haven’t you always wondered about air hostess hairstyles while listening to the safety instructions on an aircraft? Well here we have a list of hairstyles to help you look as top-notch as an air hostess.

These air hostess hairstyles will make you look total rad

#1: Thai airways air hostess hairstyle

For this air hostess hairstyle, begin with straight hair. You will need a thin black elastic for the first half ponytail that gets hidden inside the bun and a wide-toothed pin that you will use in the end.

Push the toothed clip inward to increase volume.

#2: Air stewardess hairstyle

Not all air hostess hairstyles are for long hair. This style is similar to the one above but designed for girls with short hair to medium hair. Tease crown slightly before you tuck hair inwards. Secure with a fancy bobby pin large enough to hold your hair.

#3: Wow air  cabin crew hairbun

An easy air hostess hairstyle to create using a sock bun.

#4: Air hostess updo tutorial

This air hostess hairstyle is almost like the Gibson tuck (instructions below).

Fold the ponytail into hair, pin and secure with a pretty clip.

#5: Flight stewardess updo tutorial

Read this post for written instructions on how to do the Gibson tuck hairstyle.

#6: Elegant air hostess hair bun

An easy way to create this hairstyle is to first separate medium length, straight hair into a top and lower section. Further separate a thick section from the front portion of the top section. Use the remaining top portion hair to twist into two overlapping knots. Create a smooth rolled in bun with the bottom section. Cover the rolled portions with the thick section of the front portion and secure under the bun.

#7: Stewardess hairbun

Use the sock bun to create this donut hairstyle with the top half of hair before twisting over the two bottom sections and securing with pins.

#8: Indian air hostess updo

Roll with neatly arranged bangs.



#9: Tidy high hairbun

A donut bun surrounded with a braid. Use a braid like rubber band for further ease.

#10: Twisty air hostess bun

Separate a little hair from the right side. Twist the remaining hair on the left and coil neatly, holding in place with pins. Then arrange the hair from the right neatly around the coil and secure.

#11: Emirates cabin crew hairstyle

Donut or sock bun with a pretty red hair tie!

Watch the video below to further get the idea.

#12: IndiGo air hostess short hairstyle

Angled bob with bangs.


#13: IndiGo air hostess long hair hairstyle

Twisted sections gathered in a twisted bun.

#14: Retro air hostess hairstyle

Fold over the front section of hair, secure with pins and cover with a fancy side hat for that retro old hairstyle look!

#15: Sixties air hostess hairstyle

For girls with short hair. Get an outward blow dry and wear a bow or hat.


#16: Elegant stewardess high hair bun


#17: 3 easy flight attendant hair styles


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