18 Stunning Karisma Kapoor Hairstyles You Must Try

Karisma Kapoor is excellent at doing some really classy hairstyles. Top knots, braids and hair buns are all her forte. I love the fact that she gives every hairstyle a Karisma twist: raising a ponytail here and tweaking a braid there. She is also really good at combining her hairstyles with a nice assortment of fashionable clothes especially long gowns and dresses. Like many Indian actresses Karisma’s hairstyling is chic and sophisticated.

18 Karisma Kapoor hairstyles you will love

#1: Karisma with open hairstyle

Karisma looks beautiful no matter what she does with her hair. One of the most common sported hairstyles that she goes for is a simple open hairstyle. The hair falls freely in front of the shoulders. I find it’s super easy to do: just middle part your hair and let it flow. This kind of hairstyle is well suited to a western outfit of jeans and top but obviously can match more traditional attire as well.

#2: Karisma’s top knot hairstyle

This half bun top knot is pretty simple to do but kind of innovative at the same time. The hair is tied is brushed shiny straight. There is not need for a puff because the bun at the top gives all the gravitas and height that is necessary.

#3: Funky top knot and twisted mini bun

This double top knot and bun is composed of two parts that are clearly separated by a combed line. The top part if comprised of a medium height puff and twisted top knot bun. The lower part is a arranged in intricate twists and connected to the top knot with bobby pins. Wear this hairstyle when you have some extra time to prepare. It will exceptional an sangeets and party events. I find long earrings  always make a nice accompaniment when your hair is up. Karisma has made an excellent choice here.

#4:  Intricate braid a la Karisma

Karisma is really good at making super intricate braids.

#5: Karisma with retro hair bun

Karisma goes all old school with the classy hair bun. The hair bun is mainly composed of a braid that traverses the forehead. Obviously the clothes matter. Gown dresses or maxi dresses would make a good combination as would a shirt and skirt.

#6: Simple side braid and ponytail

I really love this simple ponytail. Make it high up to look beautiful and add two side braids to take the cuteness level up a couple of notches.

#7: Spotted with a triple braid ponytail

This ponytail is kind of alternative with a braid triplet that starts at the crown. Karisma was spotted wearing it with jeans and office jacket.

#8: Twisty high pony and puff

I really love this messy ponytail and puff. The puff adds grandeur and the high pony makes a confident statement. To achieve the look, French braid your hair and then slightly pull it apart to get that unkempt tangled look.

#9: Bubble ponytail by Karisma Kapoor

#10: Cornrow and half bun by Karisma Kapoor

#11: In silky top knot hairstyle

#12: In simple side braid and ponytail

#13: In twisted side braid with flowers

#14: Sporting an open hairstyle with head chain

#15: Karisma Kapoor with silky open hairstyle and bubble ponytail

#16: Karisma’s fishtail braid and flowers

#17: Open hairstyle with claw clip updo

#18: Side swept open hairstyle by Karisma Kapoor


These 18 hairstyles were just a sneak peek into Karisma Kapoor’s styling preferences. They are relatively easy to do and are sure to add a touch of class when you go out. For more of her hairstyles you can check out her Instagram feed. Other celebrities whose hairstyles you might also want to take a look at are Hina Khan and Kriti Sanon.