15 Hina Khan Hairstyles to Get That Akshara Singhania Look

Hina Khan is one of those celebrities who always does something interesting with her hair. When she is in character as Akshara Singhania she has some really interesting hairstyles. But this is also true of her when you catch her outside the studio set. Hina Khan’s hairstyles are superbly varied and include a bunch of techniques: elaborate braids, intricate hair buns, cascading mermaid braids and elegant open hairstyles are just some of the hairstyles that Akshara Singhania has played around with. Many Bollywood and TV celebrities such as Hansika Motwani, Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt are good at styling and experimenting with their hair but Hina Khan is particularly good at trying out a variety of ideas. Check out these Akshara hairstyles and get inspired about what hairstyle would suit you.

#1: Braided pony hairstyles

This simple Akshara Singhania ponytail is pretty easy to do. Braid your hair from the top and make sure to loop the ponytail up high to give you that extra gravitas when you make an entry!

#2: Curly open hairstyle

This curly open hairstyle is a perfect example of how what a little hair spray and some curling can do. If you want to look like a star try this side parted open hairstyle.

#3: Messy mermaid hairstyle

This is another open hairstyle that sends out sea mermaid vibes. If you have long curly hair make sure to show it off.

#4: Elegant side braid

Another super elegant hairstyle that Hina Khan often tries is the side braid brought forward over the shoulder. This exudes a regal and elegant look. The wavy side swept hair looks great!

#5: Braided chignon hairstyle by Hina Khan

This braided chignon hairstyle is super easy to do. Start braided at the front and fold at the bottom. The flowers are more suitable if you are going to be the bride but you can still do this hairstyle without them.

#6: Braided hair bun

This hair bun and side braid is another way to look really sophisticated in a relatively simple hairstyle.

#7: French braid and top knot bun by Hina Khan

This hairstyle consists a upside down French braid  that is topped off with a top knotted bun. Hina Khan shows us how to look really sassy and intellectual at the same time.

#8: Elegant  hair bun

In this hair bun style the hair in the front has been puffed up. Then the back side of the hairstyle is composed of a French braid that is nicely tucked to form a round low bun. This style exudes elegance and fashion model tones.

#9: Braided low bun hairstyle

Hina Khan looks beautiful in this minimalist low bun and side braid. This is a perfect hairstyle to suit a gown or lehenga if you are going to a somewhat formal evening out. It’s also a really good party hairstyles for sangeets and receptions.

#10: Cinderella puff updo

This puffed front hairstyle has been inspired from Victorian times. Try it out when you have to attend a wedding reception or ball. Or use it at a fancy dress party to dress up like Cinderella.

#11: Fishtail side braid

Fishtail braids are really cool. This messy side braid hairstyle is really hip. Hina has left a few strands of hair on the side for added effect.

#12: Fringe and medium length hairstyle

If you have medium length hair then a  nice ideas is to try a front fringe like Hina Khan in the pic below. This super cute hairstyle is also really easy to maintain. If you want to spruce it up for going out then you can use a curling iron to curl your locks at the bottom.

#13: Neck length bob

Hina looks stunning in this neck length bob. The hair curls outwards for that vintage 60s look. This hairstyle looks great in a dress or jeans and top.

#14: Side parted open hairstyle

A little make up can go a long way with a simple side parted hairstyle like this one.

#15: Twin pigtails

These twin pigtails are super cute. Remember your school days with this playful look.

I hope you agree with me that Hina Khan aka Akshara Singhania is really good a varying her hairstyles. If you enjoyed this blog post you might want to check out some of our other celebrities’s hairstyles such as Shraddha Kappoor’s and others on Hairstyle Monkey!